Company :: Laboratorios Agriq – About us

SICA AgriQ S.L. is a laboratory belonging to the group of laboratories called AgriQ, specialising in food safety, whose objective is to offer a complete and integrated service to the food production line, by providing sample taking, analysis and specialised advice services.

With SICA AgriQ you will find a specialized and dynamic professional team, offering the best possible services.

Company :: What is AgriQ?

AgriQ B.V. started its activity in 1980 as a department of the Dutch Research institute TNO, being privatized in 2005 as a company in which TNO and the BLGG Group have a share.

The BLGG group consists of 4 holdings, among which is the holding AgriQ, which holds all AgriQ laboratories, specialized in food safety and agronomic analysis, with presence in Holland, Spain, Kenya, Ecuador, Morocco and Thailand.

BLGG has over 85 years of experience in agronomic analysis, knowledge that supports the agronomic analysis to increase the performance of individual farms in different countries.

The AgriQ values of cooperation and exchange of know-how, among experts and scientists, regularly takes place in international technical meetings, organized for exchanging experiences and for evaluating progress and new projects among the different laboratories. Learning is achieved more rapidly and efficiently as a group. Likewise, we are capable of adapting quickly to local changes and market developments, according to the needs of our clients and of international merchants of agricultural products.

The objectives of AgriQ are quality, rapid turnaround times and the constant improvement of its methods. In this way we obtain an added value for agricultural production.

AgriQ has a global network of laboratories and of independent sample takers that all work according to the same quality standards.

AgriQ, together with Blgg Group also develops systems and technology in order to increase safety and early detection of pests and residues, increasing the transparency and credibility of food production.

Company :: Our Mission

The purpose of AgriQ is to support producers and traders of fresh food products by offering analyses and management information at the point where it is needed, often close to the source of production. AgriQ also believes it has built up experience over the past 40 years that could be helpful to other regions and companies. Therefor we regularly form new joint ventures where local production can be enhanced through better analytical control.
AgriQ maintains a high quality standards for its members as it is required by the most important buying markets of fresh foods. We also comply with the most strict accreditation and regulatory bodies.

The ambition of AgriQ is to offer not only the best quality analyses for an affordable price, it wants to change the system of over control by investing in means to secure the trust in growers and traders worldwide. To achieve this new alliances are created and new online services developed. We help to Grow, Sell and Eat Reliable Products.

Company :: Branch offices

AgriQ, controlling production on a worldwide basis

AgriQ has clients around the world, from Europe to South East Asia onwards through Africa and from the United States to South America.  AgriQ analyses and offers management information according to the requirements of each country or retailer (peppers from Spain, kiwis from New Zealand, roses from Kenya, pineapples from Costa Rica or grapes from Turkey and Chile).

AgriQ branch offices around the world:

Blgg AgriQ (Holland)

Blgg AgriQ is a member of Blgg Group, a leading laboratory in the Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector. Blgg AgriQ is an accredited laboratory in pesticide residues and other contaminants, located in Wageningen, Netherlands.

AgriQ Group / Blgg AgriQ BV
Binnenhaven 5,
6709 PD Wageningen
P.O. Box 392
6700 AJ Wageningen
Phone: +31 (0)88 876 1262
Fax: +31 (0)88 876 1261

SiCAAgriQ S.L. (Spain)

SICA AgriQ S.L. is a member of the AgriQ Group, specialising in food safety control and whose objective is to offer a complete and integrated service to the food production line, by providing sample taking, analysis and specialised advice services. Sica AgriQ also acts as research facility for AgriQ’s advanced pesticide residue analyses.

At SICA AgriQ you will find a specialized and dynamic professional team, offering the best possible services.

Bulevar Ciudad de Vicar Nº770
04738 La Gangosa – Vicar (Almería)
Tel: +34 950 554 362
Fax: +34 950 553 396

AgriQ Quest (Kenya)

AgriQ Quest is the most advanced agricultural, environmental and food safety laboratory in East Africa. Serving African producers, supporting European Retailers or assisting the Kenyan Government, AgriQ Quest supplies its services throughout the chain.

The AgriQ Quest laboratory, besides food safety, covers a wide range of environmental services demanded by NEMA, is involved in International Research projects for pest control and offers a wide range of analysis regarding soil, water and nutrients in foliage, as well as microbiological analysis.

Agriq-quest Laboratory
Quest Laboratories Ltd.
Ground Floor, Plessey House, Uhuru Highway,
Industrial Area, Nairobi.
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel.: +254 20 551988
Fax: +254 20 554636

AgriQ Maroc (Morocco)

AgriQ Maroc is located in Casablanca (Morocco) and renders service in collaboration with SICA AgriQ. It specialises in food safety analysis, and its main services are comprised of sample taking, analysis and advice regarding pesticide residues and other organic contaminants.

AgriQ Maroc
44, Avenue des FAR, 5 ème étage. Casablanca. Maroc

AgriQ Thailandia (Thailand)

AgriQ Thailand is part of the group of international AgriQ laboratories, specialising in the analysis of pesticide residues in crops, water and soil. AgriQ Thailand works in close collaboration with AgriQ in the Netherlands and is a foothold for our services throughout East Asia.

AgriQ Thailand
87/1 Moo8,
Tambol Nongpaklong,
Amphur Muang,
Nakornpatom 73000
Tel.: +66 34 378236 – 7
Fax: +66 34 378323, +66 34 378329

AgriQ BQS (Ecuador)

AgriQ has entered into an alliance with Business Quality Support S.A. (BQS), an Ecuadorian company engaged in Inspection, Auditing and Services of Quality Control in Central and South America.

This association also offers the possibility of preparing samples for the analysis of residues, in accordance with European and American regulations.

Av. Occidental N51-151 y Antonio Román,
Torres Constelación, Oficina 201
Quito, Ecuador
Office: +593-22453846 +593-22453846
Cel: +593-92528968 +593-92528968 / +593-94636689 +593-94636689